Coaching Courses

KSK Coaching Courses

Coaching awards are organised by the KSK in order to maintain standards across all member clubs. The course content is delivered by trained Coach Tutors who are authorised to run these courses for the KSK. Martyn Tyas and Brian Horsler are our Current Tutors.

The KSK aims to run at least one course per year, usually following the senior grading in April, depending on the numbers wishing to take part.

If you are grading in April and interested in attending a coaching course you can download the appropriate form from the download section of the website and post or email the completed form to Martyn Tyas. A copy of your membership details (the blue slip inside your grading book) is needed together with the form to complete the registration process.

Course fees are expected to be around £60 per candidate, but will depend on the number attending and availability of a suitable venue. This includes the cost of the certificate.

To be eligible to take a course you must be a current KSK member, over 18 years old, have a minimum grade of Ikkyu and have the permission of your club sensei. There is pre-course homework to be completed, the details of which can also be found in the download section of the KSK website along with an explanation of what is required.

One day Coaching Refresher Courses are available for those who have held a Coaching qualification for 5 years or more. This is mandatory for all KSK coaches.

All course applications have to be vetted by Martyn before the course. If you just turn up on the day, you will not be permitted to attend.