Day Courses 2019

Please note that the January and March Courses are not grade restricted this year and can be attended by all levels.
Attendance to the January course is compulsory for those wishing to take a grading in April. You must also have attended an absolute MINIMUM of 2 KSK courses since last April.

Date Instructors Location
January 20th 2019 S Lindsey / B Horsler More details Meadowcroft
March 17th 2019 N Vaughan / S Jeffs More details Meadowcroft
April 14th 2019 Ikkyu / Dan Gradings Meadowcroft
April 27th 2019 Aikido Friendship Course More details High Wycombe
June 16th 2019 Lawrence Hibberd / Anthony Ward Meadowcroft
July 21st 2019 Craig Hargreaves / Marianne Crisp Meadowcroft
September 15th 2019 Bill Harris / Vincent Sumpter Meadowcroft
September 28th 2019 BAB National Course More details Brunel University
November 16th 2019 Martyn Tyas / Bob Salloway? / Italians Meadowcroft
November 17th 2019 Italian Instructors Meadowcroft

KSK Courses run from 10:30am to 3:30pm, with Registration from 9:30am

Courses are free of charge for all current KSK members. For all other BAB insured aikidoka, the cost is £10.00 per day.

Please note that you will need to produce your membership book with the BAB blue insurance slip attached.