Day Courses 2017

Please note that the March Course is for 2nd Kyu and above ONLY.
Attendance to the March course is compulsory for those wishing to take a grading in April.
In addition, you must have attended an absolute MINIMUM of 2 courses since last April to be eligible to grade.

Date Instructors Location
January 22nd 2017 Keith Denney, Alex Benedict Meadowcroft
Pre-Grading Course - for 2nd Kyu & Above ONLY:
March 19th 2017 Bill Harris Meadowcroft
April 23rd 2017 Ikkyu / Dan Gradings Meadowcroft
June 11th 2017 Steve Souch Meadowcroft
July 23rd 2017 Steve Lindsey Meadowcroft
September 2nd 2017 Brian Horsler Meadowcroft
September 3rd 2017 Nigel Vaughan Meadowcroft
October 7th 2017 BAB National Course details Brunel University
November 11th 2017 TBA Meadowcroft
November 12th 2017 Bill Harris, Vincent Sumpter Meadowcroft

KSK Courses run from 10:30am to 3:30pm.

Registration commences 9:30am, the cost is £10.00 per day.

Download the BAB National Course Application Form

Please note that you will need to produce your membership book.