Senior Gradings 2014

Candidates for Grading on April 27th 2014

Group 1:
David Jones (Naunton), David O’Regan (Bicester), Ed Frewin (Banbury/Aylesbury), Sanjay Mistry (Mill Hill).
Group 2:
Martyn Williams (Bicester), Alan Eastwood (Towcester), Andrii Diachenko (Pinner), Matthew Bostock (Sheffield).
Group 3:
Carl Mcdonald (Northampton Academy), Anthony Silverstein (Mill Hill), Stefan Vasilev (Pinner).

Group 1:
Piotr Slonina (Northampton Abbey), Deirdre Ann Taylor (Aylesbury), Chris Gibbons (Stowmarket).
Group 2:
Simon Riggs (Aylesbury), Jason Redman (Newport), Alex Raw (Reading), Chris Hemsley (Northampton Abbey).
Group 3:
Nishi Jagpal (Pinner), Jeffrey Dean Negron (Northampton Abbey), Carlton Morris (Aylesbury), David Lane (Bicester).
Group 4:
Mark Aspel (Banbury), Kerry Cope (Newport Atarashi), Ko Portengen (Towcester), Jim Wylie (Banbury).

Richard Hughes (Chippeham/Devizes), Alexandra Benedict (Reading), Joseph Doyle (Pinner), Robert Roszczyk (Pinner).

Russell Foskett (Aylesbury), Rowan Edwards (Devizes), William Mckee (Pinner), Nicholas W. J. Boulton (Devizes).

A note for all grading candidates:
Please bring your Membership Book along with you.
Bring the Weapons you will use - Tanto, Bokken, Jo.
Bring Ukes.
Sandan Only: Bring a copy of your examination technique list.

All Candidates:
Ensure your clothing is neat and clean and that your nails are trimmed - both hands and feet.

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