Senior Gradings 2016

Candidates for Grading on April 24th 2016

Richard Ashcroft
Ponnambalam Harriharan
Chris Isaac
David Lewis
Nikos Makris
Christoforos Masouras
Mariusz Nicholson
Terence Edward Seasman
Ivan Vassilev

Alan Eastwood
Remigiusz Szwaj

Nishi Jagpal
Jason Redman

Marianne Crisp
Nigel Scott
Jason Turvey

A note for all grading candidates:
Please bring your Membership Book along with you.
Bring the Weapons you will use - Tanto, Bokken, Jo.
Bring Ukes.
Sandan Only: Bring a copy of your examination technique list.

All Candidates:
Ensure your clothing is neat and clean and that your nails are trimmed - both hands and feet.

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