Senior Grading Panels 2016

Grading Panels for April 24th 2016

Panel President: Vincent Sumpter.
Panel: Paddy O’Regan, Carlton Morris, Robert Roszczyk, Nigel Scott.
Readers:Deirdre Horsler.

Panel President: Martyn Tyas.
Panel: Joe Doyle, Marianne Crisp, Jason Redman, David Salmon.
Readers:Graham Cossey.

Panel President: Nigel Vaughan.
Panel: Brian Horsler, Jules Souch, Stuart Jeffs, Bob Salloway.
Readers:Graham Cossey.

Panel President: Bill Harris.
Panel: Steve Lindsey, Steve Souch, Phil Griffin.
Readers:Deirdre Horsler.

Please note:
All grading candidates capable of acting as ukes will be used, i.e. Ikkyu candidates will be used as ukes for Shodan and for Nidan gradings.
Will all clubs please urge suitable students to attend as ukes.
This will count as a course for an uke if they are intending to grade the following April.

Details of Requirements for the guidance for members of the grading panels can also be found in the downloads section.
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