Senior Gradings 2016

All of the candidates who took their gradings passed sucessfully. Congratulations to all!

Thank you to all the ukes who took part and provided the necessary stamina for a long day of grading.
To all who sat on the respective panels and helped judge the grading candidates, also appreciation for their efforts - not always an easy task!
Finally, thank you to all who helped in setting up the venue ready for the grading and clearing up afterwards.

Bill Harris
Chief Instructor.

Results for the Grading on April 24th 2016:

Richard Ashcroft
Ponnambalam Harriharan
Chris Isaac
David Lewis
Nikos Makris
Christoforos Masouras
Mariusz Nicholson
Terence Edward Seasman
Ivan Vassilev

Alan Eastwood

Nishi Jagpal
Jason Redman

Marianne Crisp
Nigel Scott
Jason Turvey

Any of the above who are interested in attending a Coach Level 1 course, should first contact the CLO by email and then send him a completed application form which you can download from the Downloads section.

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