Banbury Club is closing

Keith Denney is closing his club at the end of April. He has 50 mats which he will donate free of charge to any KSK club that needs them. Contact Keith directly by e-mail at:

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Aikido Times - March 2019

2019 Senior Gradings

The grading panels for the senior gradings on April 14th have been posted in the Senior Gradings section.

January Day Course

Thank you to those who attended the first course of the year. It was a good turn out and it was nice to see some new faces on the mat. It was a good opportunity to run through a mixture of techniques with an emphasis on grading tips. Hopefully those who attended found it useful. Now that the courses are FREE to all KSK members, it would be good to see even more of you on the mat.
Any feed back would be much appreciated.
You can contact me through the Aylesbury aikido club web site or our Facebook page

2019 Day Course

Please note that the January and March Courses are not grade restricted this year and can be attended by all levels.
Attendance to the January course is compulsory for those wishing to take a grading in April. You must also have attended an absolute MINIMUM of 2 courses since last April.
More details.

November Day Courses

Just a reminder that all Day Courses are now free of charge for all current KSK members. There are 2 courses this month on November 10th and 11th.
More details.

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Aikido Times - October 2018
Aikido Times - June 2018

Important Notice – Kai Shin Kai Membership Fees

In discussion with senior members of the Kai Shin Kai we are in agreement that it is important to get more members attending the centralised courses at the Aylesbury QMCA centre. To this end – and to encourage attendance – I have made a decision that as from 1st September 2018 ALL courses at the Aylesbury QMCA will be free to Kai Shin Kai members.

The cost of putting on these courses is currently almost £3000 a year (made up of hall hire, van hire for mats, instructors’ travel expenses, refreshments, etc); with income from courses amounting to around £1500 (from student attendance fees of £10 each).

The KSK currently has one of the lowest annual membership fees (at £20 – & £25 for new members) and these fees have been the same for at least the past 10 years. Therefore – to cover the future costs of running these free courses – for memberships received by the KSK Registrar on or after 1st September 2018 membership fees will increase by £10 per member to:

£30 – for annual renewals, and

£35 – for first year new members

In effect this means that those students who normally attend 2 or 3 courses during the year will save money and even attendance at just one course pays for the increase in your membership fee. There will be NO increase in the “juniors” membership fee. However, Ikkyu and Dan grading fees will continue to be charged at their present rate.

Bill Harris

KSK Principal & Chief Instructor
25 April 2018

Coach Level 2 Courses

Anyone who has already attained Coach Level 1, can enhance their coaching skills by progressing to Level 2. There are 5 level 2 modules to be attended before taking the final assessment. The BAB is running two weekend courses both of which will cover all 5 of the modules. The first will be in the Solihull area on 9th-10th June and the other in the Reading area on 6th-7th Oct. Anyone who is interested interested should contact Bob Salloway at

Old News

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