2015 CL1 Coach Course

The Course was run at the very pleasant venue of the Bicester Hotel over the weekend of 6th-7th June with Martyn and Brian taking turns to deliver the content.
The course was also attended by Frank Burlingham, the BAB's Coaching Development Officer who oversaw the proceedings. He seemed to be very happy with the way the course had been run, making positive comments about the presentation, delivery and content.
From the feedback I got from the attendees, I think everbody found the course to be both informative and of solid practical value. It provided useful information to assist in both the teaching of a class and in ways to help the class understand what is being taught.

All the candidates passed and our congratulations go to:

Mark Aspel (Banbury)
David Lane (Bicester)
Piotr Slonina (Northampton Abbey Centre)
Remiguiusz Szwaj (Northampton Abbey Centre)
Andrii Diachenko (Pinner)
Stefan Vasilev (Pinner)
Jason Turvey (Reading)
Vincent McLaren (Rissington)
Crystal Sirisome (Rissington)