Day Courses 2023

A reminder that Courses are free to KSK members, and those hoping to take a grading are advised to attend as many as possible.

Grading applications

Grading applications must be with the Chief Instructor one month before the day

Covid-19 Awareness

If you feel unwell and suspect that you may have covid-19 symptoms, please do not attend. If you begin to feel unwell on the day and suspect that it may be covid-19, please make sure that you notify the instructors and/or senior grades.
Thank you and keep safe!

Date Instructors Location
January 22nd 2023 Steve Lindsey, Martyn Tyas Meadowcroft
March 26th 2023 Stuart Jeffs, Jason Turvey Meadowcroft
May 21st 2023 Gradings and/or event Meadowcroft
July 23rd 2023 Stuart Jeffs, Steve Lindsey Meadowcroft
September 17th 2023 Guest instructor – Nick Regnier Meadowcroft
November 19th 2023 Martyn Tyas, Jason Turvey Meadowcroft

KSK Courses run from 10:30am to 3:30pm, with Registration from 10:00am

Courses are free of charge for all current KSK members.
For BAB insured aikidoka, the cost is £10.00 per day.

Please note that you will need to produce your membership book, and for BAB members, with the blue insurance slip attached.