Day Courses 2022

A reminder that Courses are free to KSK members, and those hoping to take a grading are advised to attend as many as possible.

Covid-19 Awareness

Please take a Lateral Flow Test before attending. If you feel unwell and suspect that you may have covid-19 symptoms, please do not attend. If your test shows negative but you begin to feel unwell on the day, please make sure that you notify the instructors and/or senior grades.
Thank you and keep safe!

Date Instructors Location
January 9th 2022 S Jeffs, B Horsler Meadowcroft
March 27th 2022 S Lindsay, M Tyas Meadowcroft
April 24th 2022 Invited Dan Grades Meadowcroft
June 19th 2022 Erick Cruz (from Vegas!) Meadowcroft
10:30 - 1:30pm followed by a Hogroast!
July 24th 2022 V Sumpter - followed by a BBQ! Meadowcroft
September 18th 2022 Bill Harris Meadowcroft
November 27th 2022 Course & Gradings Meadowcroft

KSK Courses run from 10:30am to 3:30pm, with Registration from 10:00am

Courses are free of charge for all current KSK members.
For BAB insured aikidoka, the cost is £10.00 per day.

Please note that you will need to produce your membership book, and for BAB members, with the blue insurance slip attached.