Frequently Asked Questions

Why join the Kai Shin Kai?

The KSK is a traditional aikido association but it doesn't follow any one particular 'guru'. Clubs are allowed a degree of flexibility to follow their own direction and share their skills as long as the tenets of Aikido as taught by O-Sensei are followed.

My annual membership has lapsed. How can I renew it?

It's important for YOU to keep your membership up to date.

•..Why not go to the Online Membership page and try the big orange "join us or renew" button!

•..Joining and renewing will prompt payment via an integrated payment system (Stripe) so have your card details available.
•..There is a paper membership form which can be used from the downloads section. This should then be passed to your instructor for processing via the above Membermojo sign up page.
•..If your membership has lapsed, but you still have your old KSK number, please be sure to mention it if you wish to keep it, as it is often possible to 'ressurect' an old record from backups!

I prefer to use cash or cheque. How to I do this?

It's easier for us to take integrated electronic payments via Stripe. However, we can always facilitate other payment such as cheque, cash and electronic fund transfer to the KSK bank account.
Kindy speak to your club instructor to facilitate this in the first instance.

Can I set up a direct debit to pay annual membership?

This is not an available option at present.

How do I find out about Aikido Alliance UK Insurance Cover?

Details can be found by clicking on this link