Coach Level 1 Course

A course will be run after the gradings so that new 1st Kyu's get a chance to be included. Application forms can be posted, emailed or given to Martyn Tyas at day courses. Numbers are always limited so it's the early bird that books a place.
CL1 Application Forms are available in the downloads section.

Pre-Grading Course

The last course before the gradings is on March 18th. It is for 2nd kyu and above only and any candidate thinking of grading MUST attend this course. Any candidate failing to have attended two courses including this compulsory one will not be eligible to grade.

Grading Application forms

Application forms for the grading must be with the Chief Examiner by 18th March 2018.
Forms can be obtained from the downloads section.

Bill Harris Instructing at the Marril Poole Course

Bill Harris will be the most senior instructor teaching at a course celebrating the journey of sensei Marril Poole on Saturday March 17th at the High Wycombe Judo Centre. See the course poster for more details. Marill Poole Course Poster

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Day Course Instructors

With immediate effect, the selection process of instructors who will be taking day courses has been updated.

The following are the chosen panel who will instruct and run courses for next two years:
Nigel Vaughan, Stuart Jeffs, Steve Lindsey and Brian Horsler.

They will choose a course date at which they wish to instruct and will co-opt any dan grade that they wish to assist.
At end of the two years, two members will stand down and two new senior grades will be chosen, allowing other senior grades to play their part in and commitment to KSK.

Bill Harris
Chief Examiner

Position Change

The position of Chairman has been withdrawn as it is now no longer needed.

Coaching Refresher Course Results

A Coaching Refresher Course was held on Saturday November 11th by our association coach tutors, Martyn Tyas and Brian Horsler. The following KSK Association and KSK Club Instructors all passed.
Instructors who were unable to attend will get another opportunity to attend a course at a later date, details of which will be posted on the website as they become available.

Bill Harris
Vincent Sumpter
Nigel Vaughan
Stephen Lindsey
Steve Souch
Ian Geddes
Phil Griffin
Keith Denney
Bob Salloway
Dylan Slough
Graham Cossey
DJ Walford
Philip Purcell
Piotr Slonina

Course Cancellation

On Saturday November 11th, a mandatory Coaching Refresher is being run for all KSK club instructors. Unfortunately that means there will be no senior instructors available to run a general course. The Sunday course on November 12th is unaffected and will run in the usual way.

BAB National Course 2017

Bill would like to send a big 'thank you' to all the KSK members who attended the BAB course this year. The KSK had 25 members who attended and supported our instructor, Martyn Tyas.

November Course 2017

A reminder that there is a KSK course weekend 11/12th November. Those students thinking of grading in April 2018 need to think about getting their courses in to qualify.

Coaching Courses

Martyn, the KSK CLO, is patiently waiting to receive your appliucations for both Coach Level 1 and for the Coach Refresher, so that he can organise and set course location and dates. If you are interested in attending a CL1 or you are a club instructor, ALL of whom MUST attend a refresher, please fill in a form from the downloads section and get it to Martyn by the end of October at the latest.

BAB National Course 2017

The KSK is subsidising the course fee for its paid up members. More details...

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Coaching Resources

The Coaching Courses section has been revised in preparation for our next courses. It is planned to run both a Coach Level 1 and a Coaching Refresher Course later this year. The Coaching Refresher Course is a relatively new initiative and is a one day course specifically for those who received their coaching awards more than 5 years ago.
The download section now includes a Coaching Resources section and a section for the CL1 Pre-course Homework.
Applications for courses may be made using the form in the downloads section or online on the BAB website.

Information about the 2017 Senior Gradings

A Candidate listing and a Panel listing have been added to the Senior Gradings section.

April Gradings

A reminder that all form applications with appropriate fees for grading have to be in by the March 19th course at QMCA or sent to me. Remind any students grading to make sure that they have courses required in their membership books. Thank you,
Bill Harris
(Chief Instructor)

KSK Grading Panels 2017

See the 2017 Grading Panels

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Day Course Price Increase

From June, the cost for a Day Course will increase from £8 to £10 per day.

Nb As handwriting standards are not what they used to be, please help the Registrar to do his job by asking for extreme legibility. Block capitals even, if that what it takes. Thank you.

2016 Grading Results

See the 2016 Grading Results.

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Aikido Times - March 2016

Coach Refresher Course

In addition to a CL1 course, the KSK coach tutors will be running a Coach Refresher Course. The chairman has made this course mandatory for all coaches who attained their CL1 qualifications more than three years ago. More details will become available nearer to the event.

Information about the 2016 Senior Gradings

A Candidate listing and a Panel listing have now been added to the Senior Gradings section.

Membership Price Increase

With immediate effect, the cost of New Senior Membership increases from £24 to £25. All the other membership classes will remain the same as before. A new form is now available in the Downloads section.

Nb As handwriting standards are not what they used to be, please help the Registrar to do his job by asking for extreme legibility. Block capitals even, if that what it takes. Thank you.

New CLO appointed

Martyn Tyas has volunteered to take on the position of KSK Coach Liasion officer.

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2015 CL1 Course

Our new Coaching Officers ran their first KSK CL1 Course.

2015 Grading Results

See the 2015 Grading Results.

Coach Level 1 Course update

Read the latest developments regarding the next CL1 course.

More Information about the 2015 Senior Gradings

A Candidate listing and a Panel listing have now been added to the Senior Gradings section.

Course reminder

Reminder to all potential grading candidates start attending courses to qualify for 2015 gradings: 2 general courses plus IKKYU & DAN Grades course in March.

Clubs can arrange to run a general course in their own venue but must be KSK instructor Sandan and above.

Bill Harris (Chief Instructor)

Day Course Calendar for 2015

The course calendar for 2015 has now been posted.

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Senior Grading Results

A listing of the 2014 grading results has now been added.

Club Closure

Bedford KSK have decided to close.
They will be selling their mats, the details of which are below:
1 x canvas mat that they will let go for a small donation.
8 x 2m x 1m x 35mm thick red mats for about £25 each.
Buyer to collect.
Contact John Saunders at or call on 01525 860 713.

2014 Senior Gradings

Important things to know if you want to grade this year.

KSK Officer Vacancies

The KSK Child Protection Officer and Coaching Officer have both done a sterling job for many years but both have now stood down.
If you would like to be considered for either role, please contact the chairman, Nigel Vaughan.

Day Course Calendar for 2014

The course calendar for 2014 has now been posted.

Coach Level 1 Course Results

Congratulations to all who passed the Coach Level 1 assessment.

Coach Level 1 Course

Details of the next Coach Level 1 course.

KSK Italia Grading Results

Results from the grading in Italy have now been added.

Senior Grading Results

A listing of the 2013 grading results has now been added.

KSK Club Listings

Instructors photos are now being added to the club details.
If yours isn't there, it's because I don't have your photo. Send me your images!

More Information about the upcoming Senior Gradings

A Candidate listing which shows the grading order has now been added.

Coach Refresher Courses are now starting to become available.

If you already hold a BAB coaching certificate which is now some years old, you will be eligible to attend one of these new courses.

Message from the Chairman about the 2013 Senior Gradings

A message from the Chairman with regard to the Senior Gradings on April 21st 2013 has been posted in the Senior Gradings page.